Advance MuscleMass BCAA 2 : 1 : 1 | Energy drink for Workout | 7.6 G BCAA | 3.8 G Leucine | 1.9 G ISO-Leucine | 1.9 G Valine| Lab Tested |with Shaker| Jeera Flavour | 200 GM/0.44 lb

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✅Advance MuscleMass Branched Chain Amino Acids [2:1:1 (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine & L-Valine)] is Instantized BCAAs dissolve faster and easy to consume. During workout muscle break down will occur. Hence BCAAs help to promote protein synthesis and to get speedy recovery of muscle. ✅BCAAs proven to be fat burning and support to get lean musclemass. Advance MuscleMass is the best quality product with good taste and it is Effective. Advance MuscleMass BCAAS are free from soy lecithin, it contains non allergic sunflower lecithin which is also good source of phosphatidylcholine. ✅Advance MuscleMass BCAAs can be consumed during workout, before workout and after workout. Beginner can take it one scoop during the workout. Serious body builder can take 1-2 scoop per day. Follow your trainer recommendations. ✅Drink plenty of water during your workout. MADE IN INDIA PRODUCT.

✅Instantized with sunflower lecithin instead of Allergic soy lecithin which is present in other BCAAs avaible in the market
✅BCAAs can be consumed during workout or before workout or after workout. You can also have it with MuscleMass Whey protein or Advance MuscleMass Iso-whey.
✅Fasten Muscle recovery and minimize muscle breakdown, Boost protein synthesis and MuscleMAss, Build Lean Muscle Mass
✅Instantized form mixes easily with 200mL water, juice or your favourite drink. Use shaker dissolve BCAA powder. Keep the product in dry place and tighten the cap properly.Avoid using wet scoops and spoons.


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